bLive - Android Mobile Report

Everything you need to take care of business – wherever you are

Carry your insights with you!

Analytics on the go

Get insights anywhere.
The new bLive Analytics Mobile App makes it easy to monitor no matter where you are.

More opportunities to take decisions
With information at your finger tips, you can be involved in taking lot more decisions than delegating to your store supervisors and managers.

There are many situations where bLive will provide quick and right information to make right decision all the time and benefit by -

  • Earning more by rotating Inventory faster
  • 100% right quantity Purchase of all products at the right time, at best rate from the right Supplier
  • Eliminating Inventory loss
  • 100% peace of mind with anytime, anywhere access to real-time business data

  • Awesome Features


      •   Cash/Bank Balance Statements
      •   Sales, Purchase, Receipt, Payment
      •   Detailed breakdown by Party & Invoice
      •   Outstanding and Overdue Bills
      •   Fund Flow Statement
      •   Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account


      •   Multiple Company
      •   Multiple Outlet
      •   Multiple User
      •   User Log
      •   Realtime Reports
      •   Access to every Reports of bMate
      •   Share Reports through Whatsapp, Email in HTML/Excel format

    Stay up to date and Start visualizing your data today